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Monday, April 28, 2014

TRex cake topper Wedding ideas

TRex cake topper Wedding ideas TRex #cake #topper # #Wedding #ideas # #Pinterest

Pin by Victoria Berglin on Make Up Inspiration

Pin by Victoria Berglin on Make Up Inspiration Pin #by #Victoria #Berglin #on #Make #Up #Inspiration # #Pinterest

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ohio State donates bowl money to child advocacy groups

Ohio State donates bowl money to child advocacy groups

COLUMBUS, Ohio AP Ohio State University will donate $181,000 to two local childadvocacy organizations from funds it received from the Big Ten Conferences sanctions against Penn State.

Ohio State on Monday announced it will allocate money to the Nationwide Childrens Hospital Center for Family Safety and Healing in Columbus and the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County, Ohio.

The funds stem from sanctions against Penn State that required the school to relinquish $2.3 million of conference bowl revenue the school would have earned had it been allowed to play in the postseason. The 12 schools in the conference, including Penn State, received a share of the money to donate to childrenfocused charities.

The NCAA also imposed landmark sanctions, including a fouryear bowl ban and a $60 million fine, on Penn State following a sweeping child sexual abuse scandal involving retired assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

New technique makes it easier to etch semiconductors

New technique makes it easier to etch semiconductors

A scanning electron microscope image of nanopillars etched in gallium arsenide. Image by Xiuling Li

The team developed a method to chemically etch patterned arrays in the semiconductor gallium arsenide, used in solar cells, lasers, light emitting diodes LEDs, field effect transistors FETs, capacitors and sensors. Led by electrical and computer engineering professor Xiuling Li, the researchers describe their technique in the journal Nano Letters.

A semiconductor physical properties can vary depending on its structure, so semiconductor wafers are etched into structures that tune their electrical and optical properties and connectivity before they are assembled into chips.

Semiconductors are commonly etched with two techniques: etching uses a chemical solution to erode the semiconductor in all directions, while etching uses a directed beam of ions to bombard the surface, carving out a directed pattern. Such patterns are required for highaspectratio nanostructures, or tiny shapes that have a large ratio of height to width. Highaspectratio structures are essential to many highend optoelectronic device applications.

While silicon is the most ubiquitous material in semiconductor devices, materials in the IIIV pronounced threefive group are more efficient in optoelectronic applications, such as solar cells or lasers.

Unfortunately, these materials can be difficult to dry etch, as the highenergy ion blasts damage the semiconductor surface. IIIV semiconductors are especially susceptible to damage.

To address this problem, Li and her group turned to metalassisted chemical etching MacEtch, a wetetching approach they had previously developed for silicon. Unlike other wet methods, MacEtch works in one direction, from the top down. It is faster and less expensive than many dry etch techniques, according to Li. Her group revisited the MacEtch technique, optimizing the chemical solution and reaction conditions for the IIIV semiconductor gallium arsenide GaAs.

The process has two steps. First, a thin film of metal is patterned on the GaAs surface. Then, the semiconductor with the metal pattern is immersed in the MacEtch chemical solution. The metal catalyzes the reaction so that only the areas touching metal are etched away, and highaspectratio structures are formed as the metal sinks into the wafer. When the etching is done, the metal can be cleaned from the surface without damaging it.

is a big deal to be able to etch GaAs this way, Li said. realization of highaspectratio IIIV nanostructure arrays by wet etching can potentially transform the fabrication of semiconductor lasers where surface grating is currently fabricated by dry etching, which is expensive and causes surface damage.

To create metal film patterns on the GaAs surface, Li team used a patterning technique pioneered by John Rogers, the Lee J. FloryFounder Chair and a professor of materials science and engineering at the U. of I. Their research teams joined forces to optimize the method, called soft lithography, for chemical compatibility while protecting the GaAs surface. Soft lithography is applied to the whole semiconductor wafer, as opposed to small segments, creating patterns over large areas without expensive optical equipment.

combination of soft lithography and MacEtch make the perfect combination to produce largearea, highaspectratio IIIV nanostructures in a lowcost fashion, said Li, who is affiliated with the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the U. of I.

Next, the researchers hope to further optimize conditions for GaAs etching and establish parameters for MacEtch of other IIIV semiconductors. Then, they hope to demonstrate device fabrication, including distributed Bragg reflector lasers and photonic crystals.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Most Cynical Reason People Think Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post AMZN

The Most Cynical Reason People Think Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post AMZN

In an interview with The New Republic, Brad Stone said, My reaction was sincere shock.

Brad Stone, a reporter at Bloomberg Businessweek, has a big book on Amazon and Bezos coming out in October.

The reason he was stunned is that Bezos has placed a big bet on disrupting what he calls the old gatekeepers . Now here he has gone and personally acquired what is one of the biggest and most wellknown gatekeepers out there.

Since Bezos why he did it, everyone is .

Stone has been studying Bezos for a long time. He threw out two ideas about why Bezos bought the Post.

1. He views it as an opportunity to experiment with a media company to discover a new business model.

2. He can use the Washington Post for political influence.

Since the first reason is evident, and kind of boring, lets take a look at the second. Heres Stones full quote:

This is maybe going out on a little bit of a limb: but look, he buying a lot of political influence. And we can discard the fact that Amazon hasn been an enormous player, at least up until the dispute over sales taxes, and in buying The Washington Post, he has a seat at the table. And I think particularly legislators and antitrust regulators are gonna be weighing the dominance of Amazon a lot in the years ahead.

This is an interesting, somewhat cynical, take. Stones not the only person weve seen tossing out this idea.

In his letter to employees, he said, The values of The Post do not need changing. The paper duty will remain to its readers and not to the private interests of its owners.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Taarabt set for Fulham medical

Taarabt set for Fulham medical

Martin Jol has confirmed QPR playmaker Adel Taarabt will undergo a medical at Fulham on Tuesday ahead of a proposed loan move.

The mercurial midfielder has endured a tumultuous summer at Loftus Road and was not included in their 18man squad for the opening Sky Bet Championship game of the season against Sheffield Wednesday.

Taarabt was linked with a move to Paris SaintGermain over the summer but now appears set for a quick return to the Premier League after suffering the heartache of relegation last season.

The talented Moroccan playmaker was brought to England by Jol in the first place as a teenager when the Dutchman was in charge at Tottenham.

Taarabt only made a handful of starts for the White Hart Lane club, instead twice going out on loan to QPR, who he eventually joined on a permanent deal in 2010 for a fee in the region of confirmed the news at a press conference after the Cottagers drew 11 with La Liga side Real Betis on Monday evening.

We agreed everything with the club so the only thing we have to do is a medical, Jol said. If that is sound and good, he will join us. The medical will be tomorrow Tuesday.

I like his creativity and, of course, sometimes it comes off when he scores a lot of goals and I think he was involved in 40 goals the 2010/11 Championship promotion season is like Dimitar Berbatov sometimes these fantastic talents will be blamed but I hope to find a way to gel him in together with the boys weve got.

I think he can do a hell of a job for us because is a tremendous player on the ball.

I have known him now for a long time. When I was at Hamburg, I wanted him but thought the money Daniel Levy asked for was too much. Then I went to Ajax and I thought it was too much for a player that never played.

Then I was too late after that because he went to QPR, where he did ever so well. Remember the fact he was an over player 12 months ago, so I think you have to take them when they are bad and hopefully he will show his potential here.

Steven Udvar

Steven Udvar

UdvarHazy is Founder, Chairman CEO of International Lease Finance Corporation ILFC, the worldwide market leader in the leasing and remarketing of advanced technology commercial jet aircraft to airlines around the globe, with a portfolio valued at more than $ 52 billion, consisting of more than 1000 jet aircraft.

In 1966, while an undergraduate student at UCLA, Mr. UdvarHazy formed Airlines Systems Research Consultants, a firm specializing in airline routes, fleet and planning analysis. His first clients included Aer Lingus Ireland, Mexicana and Air New Zealand.

With a major in Economics and a minor in International Relations, he received a Bachelors degree from UCLA in 1968. That year he also received his private pilots license, and continued graduate studies in transportation management and economics. He has been awarded several honorary doctorate degrees including one from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

In 1973 he formed Interlease Group, Inc. which today is known as International Lease Finance Corporation, the largest customer of Airbus and Boeing.

In 1977 Mr. UdvarHazy obtained FAA instrument, multiengine and commercial pilot ratings, and in 1978 he graduated from American Airlines training academy in Fort Worth, Texas, as a certified jet pilot. In 1980 he graduated from the Stanford University Graduate Business School, Airline Management course. He holds FAA Airline Transport Pilot license and has more than 8,000 hours flying time, including more than 7,000 hours in jets. He has type ratings in Gulfstreams, Learjets, Citations and presently is captain on the Gulfstream V.

ILFC went public in 1983 with $ 220 million in assets and $ 8 million in profit. In 1990, International Lease Finance Corporation was acquired by American International Group, as a wholly owned subsidiary based in Los Angeles, California. Since the acquisition, ILFC has generated a cumulative profit of $ 11 billion for AIG.

Steve Hazy also serves on the Board of Directors of Skywest, Inc., and is on the Board of several foundations, educational institutions and corporations, and is the major donor for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.