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Monday, August 21, 2017

How much money do you have to earn in China to squeeze into middle-income groups?

ring w days ago,
CHFS (Chinese family financial survey) announced a 2015 survey data,
after calculation,
the number of China middle-income groups has reached 204 million people,
the total wealth China middle income group master is 2 billion 830 million,
surpassing the United States and Japan,
ranked first in the world.
This means that one out of every 7 Chinese is a middle-income group.
For the first time,
I thought I was so close to middle income groups! But if you look at the latest standards for middle-income groups in mainland china.
You might cry,
Ill tell you! One of the most important one of the middle income group is the standard standard income standard.
Monthly income of more than 45 thousand yuan,
an annual income of more than 500 thousand yuan.
Xiao Bian quietly took a look at his salary card,
the gap is like the following figure.
Standard two in addition to stable income,
you also have to have millions of assets.
If your current assets are less than 1 million 500 thousand,
ha ha,

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