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Saturday, October 14, 2017

[inventory] the nursing homes in the Serie A aren't the five major leagues in the league, and the oldest shooters are here

ring he strongest striker? European League watch Serie A.
Nearly forty of Tohti in recent years frequently staged Saviors play,
the upcoming 39 year old Toni has announced retirement,
38 years old less than Keluoze is still the main team,
and they are in Serie a.
! One of the | beadhouses serie a sports reporter Zhu Quan this season with the + five leagues in Europe came to the final stage,
the European media have begun some summary for the 2015-16 season,
Italy Milan sports newspaper nature is one of them,
and in a series of their plans in the Italy League,
after the recent years the decline has been called star nursing homes are not without reason,
in Europe this season five big league players scored at least as an example,
the oldest of the 10 strikers in six from Serie A.
Serie A led the seasons top scorer in Europes five largest league.
There is no doubt that,
in the first row of nature is Tohti,
who will be in September 27th this year to spend your 40 birthday in Rome this season,

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