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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sad reminder of a reporter in Ningbo to interview civilized comity zebra line, resulting in zebra crossing was hit by flying

ring comity,
zebra crossing is really more than just a slogan! Yesterday,
the Ningbo evening news reporter Chen interview on the way back,
directly on the zebra crossing was hit by a car! Ironically,
what she interviewed was civilized courtesy of the zebra crossing! Yesterday afternoon less than 3,
Chen and another media reporters through Jiangbei District Peoples road and Station Street intersection,
is preparing to cross the road.
In the right lane taxi has to yield under the condition of the middle lane a modern black car directly rushed over to her.
the modern car will be little Chen Dingfei.
Police car quickly sent Xiao Chen to the Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University.
Upon examination,
Chen is currently on the left shoulder blades fracture,
leg contusion,
and the specific circumstances for further examination.
The current treatment is to do conservative treatment on shelves.
The driver said,
and did not see someone passing,
and so on when it was too late to see.
As can be seen from

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